2 types of humans you should notice

2 types of humans
2 types of humans
2 types of humans
2 types of humans

2 types of humans
There are two types of humans: the positive humans and the negative humans .

Negative types of People to avoid

Negative types of humans tend to be selfish. They always step on others to get ahead. As shown in the picture, the mother tells the boy that ” if you don’t study, you will end up like him!”. This will greatly affect the boy’s mindset for his whole life. He will be selfish. His knowledge, skills or ability are used to support his selfish mindset. If majority of people in a society think like him, the society will become wild and is extremely hard to live in. So, his parents should inject positive mindset into him.

Positive types of People

On the other hand, another boy thinks very positive about the same aspect in society. His mother told him that ” if you study well, you will be able to make a better word for him”. This speech greatly affect his mindset and positively affect his society. He will become selfless and always put his mind in other people’s shoes. In short, he is emphatic and should be a leader. If a society has more people like him, that nation will be beautiful and easy to to live in, like a Paradise on Earth. So, his parents should be aware of this and try to put good such a good mindset into their children to make a harmonic society.

Add more positive types of humans please!

To sum up, parents’ advice to the children will affect not only their children, the family but the society as a whole. So, they must be cautious with this. Moreover, media, movies etc. should help parents to produce positive types of humans by spreading the positive mindset in society. Moreover, they should choose good school for him and guard environment he is living- his friends, his plays… etc to ensure that he become a good guy for family and society.

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