6 Amazing Life Changing Quotes from Great Man on Earth

6 Amazing Life Changing Quotes from Great Man on Earth
6 Amazing Life Changing Quotes from Great Man on Earth
6 Amazing Life Changing Quotes from Supper Man on Earth
6 Amazing Life Changing Quotes from Great Man on Earth

6 Amazing Life Changing Quotes from great Man on Earth

These are the best life changing quotes from one of the riches man on earth nowadays.

On Earning: never depend on a single income. Make investment to create a second source

First of all, depending on a single income is a great risk. Everything is not getting well forever. You cannot know all whether something will happen in the future. For example: you depend on faming to make money. Somedays, when there is a dramatic disaster, you will lose the source of income.

Second, if we have other sources of income, we will earn more money from that sources. This life changing quotes is applicable for all people regardless they are employer or businessman.

On Spending: if you buy things you do not need, soon you will have sell things you need

First, we need to know what is need and what is want. Needs are something necessary to live as a human dignity such as clothes, foods, soaps etc. And wants are thing to make life happier and you can live without them such as movie tickets, trips etc. So, please use your money to fulfil needs first and then use the left money to enjoy your wants.

On Savings: ​ do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving

What happen when you spend before and after saving?

Of course, when you expect to save money after spending, it totally fails. You will never ever have money left after buying. But you also run into the debt. You will be difficult to save money next month because you will use a portion of the salary to pay the debt.

In contrast, you will be happily spending money after saving because you don’t need to worry about borrowing someone’s money after you run of money. When you spend your saving, you don’t need to ask money from others to live till you get the salary. Therefore, you have the chance to save more money from new salary.   

On Taking Risk: never test the dept of river with both feet

To travel future, to progress in life, you cannot be standstill. You need to take action to move forward by crossing the mountains, rivers etc. While crossing the river, you need to be careful of sinking. And, the best method to test its dept is to use only one foot. If you use both feet, you will never have the chance to withdraw yourself from the deep water.

If comparing with the business, try to avoid using all money to do or test something. If it fails, you still have the money left to recover.

On Investment: do not pull all eggs in one basket

Investment is a risk. You can not be sure of the success or failure. As a result, putting all efforts and resources in only one thing is surely an extremely dangerous game. Like putting all eggs in one basket, if that basket fall, all the eggs will be broken. But, if you put those eggs in different baskets, you still have them left in others if one basket falling down.

On Expectations: honesty is very expensive gift. Do not expect it from cheap people

Cheap people can do everything to achieve their objectives without moral. They can cheat, lie or even kill people to get what they want. Honesty is a necessary quality of good people to provide their friend. Not many people have this quality for all of their friends. Some people are dishonest with even their close relatives. So, it’s an expensive gift and you can find it only with expensive people too.

Summary on these life changing quotes

To sum up, there 6 phrases is very important for every to practices in the real life, especially for the business people. They teach them about how to invest wisely. Moreover, they also teach householders how to spend money smartly.

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