Free Software- Useful Software for students

100 free useful software for students
100 free useful software for students

learn to use these free software when you are young so you can use it later in your life. It’s very useful software to make life very easier. Learn at least one free software from each category. Here is some descriptions about some useful software:

Adobe Acrobat reader is the widely used application to read documents. It also has special tools to edit documents easily. I can say it’s a very useful application not for only the students but for everyone even workers!

If you want to make a beautiful and time efficient schematic diagram or flow chat, I can say Microsoft Visio is the best application to use. With many and easy-to-use tools, Microsoft Visio can be used by the students even they are in primary school, as long as they are able to use computers. Moreover, it can divert them from using time to play games. They can learn to design house, make the flow chart to brief how to do something etcs.  So, introduce it immediately to the students!

To get help from far away, I can say Team Viewer is the simple application to think of. Of course, everyone is human. We have limitation. We cannot solve all the problems on our own. With Team Viewer, we can get help from everywhere on earth as long as we have Internet access.

Last but not least, Auto Desk is the very popular and useful program to make the drawings and analysis in various aspect of careers ranging from engineering to entertainment. Especially, it give free access to student to learn by just create a student version account and you can learn from anywhere.

Please explore other useful software by yourself! You will free your life is very lucky. Learn it now or introduce it to your relatives to make them warmer in life!

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