1 Best Funny Jokes Reflect True Story: Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind
Love Is Blind
1 Funny Jokes Reflect True Story: Love Is Blind
Funny Photo: Love Is Blind

1 Funny Jokes Reflect True Story: Love Is Blind

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In this funny jokes picture, we can see a man imagine a old ugly man handling a mop as his pretty girl. He views a dirty mop as her hair, the mop handle is her beautiful body shape, the old man’s nose would be her nice boobs, the small water tank is her beautiful wallet etc. And he falls in love with that. He loses control of himself and seem likely to fall on the floor. Imagine, if he go straight ahead a little bit and look at his left hand side. What would be his feelings? Would he change his perspective about the girl he fall in love?

This is not only a joke for fun, but it’s also a real-world situation.

When you are blind, you can’t see something. You can only imagine it. And you can recognize things only when you touch, smell, hear or even taste, combine the information together and make a conclusion.

For human who fall in love with a girl. He tends to see the good sides of her. Even it is generally bad from others’ perspective. Sometimes, her poop’s smell is even good for him! When she commits any mistake, he still finds or invent the proper reason to protect his lady. The more he loves her, the longer he stays in this situation. That’s a passionate love.

What are the disadvantages of seeing only the good points of the girl?

First, it makes the love last very shorter. Love will be bright only at the beginning. The girl’s mistakes will accumulate to the critical point that everyone even his lover can’t bear and eventually the love will end with misery. Second, even the love last long, it’s the undesirable love, and the two can’t get happiness. Hence, to ensure a long lasting relationship, the guy have to be clever and skillful to carve his girl to the ideal property not for only him but for his family, community and society.

So, what shall the gentleman do?

He shall see his girl as she really is. Don’t overprotect her mistake or see the only good sides of her. Instead, admire her good sides and tell her the bad points with detailed proper reasons. Finally ask her to correct the mistakes to improve herself. Moreover, he should keep the great amount of forgiveness for her either. Appreciate her good points, tell her what to correct, be her role model and congratulate her improvement is a good behavior of the prince for every lady.

How can he achieve these?

He should set a generally accepted norms according to the culture, society and his wise thoughts. He shall be a good model for her first and peacefully ask her to follow the standards with the proper reasons and a great level of forgiveness. They must have a strong commitment and sacrifice to their love.


To sum up, a man should she the girl as she really is. It means that he should see her with both the bad and the good points and ask her to correct the bad ones. To do this, the man have to make himself good first. This funny jokes is very good for every man to think and reflect himself. Also, he have to be aware that some girls can be corrected and some girls can not. It’s like you can teach a parrot to speak while you can not teach a duck to talk to people. Do not try to challenge the nature!

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