kitchenaid -Top 1 sexy Dish: Fresh Salmon Papaya Salad

kitchenaid-mini papaya salad
kitchenaid-mini papaya salad
kitchenaid -Top 1 sexy Asian Dish: Fresh Salmon Papaya Salad

kitchenaid -All about Top 1 sexy Asian dish fresh salmon papaya salad is here!

What is papaya salad?

Papaya salad is a popular food in Asian countries especially Cambodia, Thailand, Lao and Vietnam. You can find and taste it in both the restaurants and along the streets with a wide range of tastes and prices. It’s very popular and you should never miss if you come to visit in these countries. Moreover, you can find it in many bars.

Why is it so popular?

It is well known among Asian people for its great taste and a wide range of vegetable used in the dish. It’s the best food for the people on diet and promote good health as well.

How does it taste?

Main tastes of the dish are sour lemon, hot chili, salty, fish sauce, and sweet taste added by sugar. In Khmer, the dish names buk la hong, while in Thai they called it som tam.

How much is it?

Normally, it costs from 1 to 3 US dollar according to vegetables and meats used in the dish. This cost is also varying with the additional foods you eat with this fresh salmon papaya salad such as sticky cooked rice or noodle and roasted or grilled meat.

kitchenaid- Ingredients


The main vegetables of the dish are small piece of unripe papaya, one piece of white garlic, lemon basil and one ripe chilly.


Several small strips of chilled fresh salmon

How to prepare vegetable

First, wash an unripe piece of papaya with portable water, peel and slice it into thin strips. If possible, chill it in a refrigerator to make the taste more delicious. Then take 2 or 3 pieces of lemon basil to remove the leaves from their branches. Put the leaves with papaya. After that, bring a piece of white garlic, peal, chop it. Do the same with the ripe chilly. Put all vegetable together.

kitchenaid-How to prepare meat

Wash the fresh salmon and slice it into small pieces.  

After that, put all vegetable and meat together and mix them with other spices such as salt, lemon water, white or brown sugar, paste shrimp and fish sauce. All of the spices shall play equal role in making a great dish. However, lemon water and paste shrimp compound are a little bit more important.

Other possible ingredients

Besides above ingredients, you can add more vegetables such as ripe or unripe potatoes, red garlic, small eggplant, yardlong bean​, water spinach etc. For meats, you can use nearly all kind of meet such as craps, shrimps, beef, steamed chicken. But the most popular meats are craps and shrimps.

What can you eat salmon papaya salad with?

Normally, you can eat it with alone or with rice and all kind of fried or roasted meat such as beef, chicken, pork, fish and seafoods. In Thailand, it often comes with the cooked sticky rice and roasted pork with a little bit spicy. While in Cambodia, people usually eat salmon papaya salad with roasted chicken. You can also eat it with beer or wind.  

When and where are the best places to eat papaya salad?

You can eat salmon papaya salad at any time with your family and friend. The best time to eat it is in the evening along the river side, on the boat, in the sky bar with a small wind speed. Especially, it’s very special to eat papaya salad with your girl or boyfriend under the orange dimmed light on the river side with a small cool speedy wind. It’s such a great experience and souvenir to be remember for life.

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