Top 1 Sexy Quotes for Life – Infinite Universe and Human Stupidity

Quotes for Life - Infinite Universe and Human Stupidity
Quotes for Life - Infinite Universe and Human Stupidity
Quotes for Life-Universe and Human Stupidity
Quotes for Life-Universe and Human Stupidity

Quotes for Life from a famous physicist

Albert Einstein once said that “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” So, what does this mean? and why is it so valuable for everyone to understand this quotes for life ? Below is the detailed explanation to this quotes for life. Every people should understand this quote clearly in order to live a happy life.

Quotes for Life – Universe and Human Stupidity are infinite

The two infinite things are the universe and the human stupidity. There are many people and books talking about the universe for long. People can not find the boundary of the universe. That’s why he said in his last part of the phrase that he was not sure about the universe.

Human Stupidity

On the other hand, What is human stupidity? and why is it infinite? it is the inability to understand and to deal with the situation wisely due to lack of information and knowledge. For example, a stupid person always sticking to the principle that he must be honest for all circumstance. Someday, he passes a secret and sensitive information to bad people. This causes a serious disaster to his beloved people. He should have relaxed his principle and lied to that bad people to save his beloved.

Impacts of Stupidity on Human life

A Cambodian proverb said that “It’s better to have dead children than to have STUPID children”. So, human stupidity is the important thing to know in life. Stupidity creates big problem for people themselves and other people.

Impact on themselves

For people themselves, they will never know the true happiness in life if they don’t know about their weaknesses. So, no point that they can improve themselves. For example, a stupid people never trust everyone around him even his wife. So, he always lives in hesitation and be careful all the time. He also has less friend and no one is willing to help him at all when he got problems.

Impact on other people’s life

Moreover, people around them also affect from the stupidity as well. As mention earlier, some stupid people can not hide the secrets. So, the enemies or competitor will know the weaknesses and effectively attacks their friends.

How to Deal with Stupidity

To deal with this bad personality needs observation and practical skills.

Know people clearly

First, you need to know if what kind of that person. To what extend does he know about himself? Is he willing to change or improve himself?… are the questions to answer to evaluate human stupidity. Second, you need to know that the clearer the person know himself, the more likely he gets out from stupidity. And he should be the coach-able person that willing to improve himself.

How to deal with stupidity

Last, if he does not know himself clearly and can’t be changed, acknowledge this fact and behave in a way aligned with this. For example, you know the person can not deal with secrecy wisely, don’t disclose much information to them. If he knows he is stupid and is willing to change, try to coach them.


To sum up, stupidity is not measurable nor predictable at all. Stupidity is the dangerous thing for the people themselves and the people around them. You should be very careful in relations with such kind of people. To get the better society, people should spread more good information and knowledge in order to reduce stupidity rat because some people can be teachable and willing to change. People should remember this great physicist’s quotes for life.

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