Quotes of life-No 1 cares about your efforts,but sexy result

Quotes of life-No 1 cares about your efforts,only the results
Quotes of life-No 1 cares about your efforts,only the results
Quotes of life-No one cares about your effort,only the results
Quotes of life-No one cares about your effort,only the results

Quotes of life-No 1 cares about your efforts,only the results

Meaning of this quotes of life picture

Picture description

In the picture, we can see a handsome torture is running with many male and female rabbits. Among them, only one rabbit trying so hard to be equally in the same position compare with the torture, which is brilliantly using a wheel skateboard. We can predict that the torture is most likely to win this competition since the front rabbit will exhaust at some point.

Picture meaning

The nature of the torture is slow moving, while the nature of the rabbit is a fast runner. It’s pretty sure that the torture cannot win the running contest with the rabbit by using its legs. So, the torture uses a wheel skateboard instead. The rule of this competition is the one who pass through the final line first is the winner, no matter which means they use to get there.

Real life reflection

From this picture, we can imply that, to no matter you are a torture or a rabbit, with the right working method, you can get the same or incredible result. And people don’t care much about methods you are using or your nature, they just want to see the result. As long as you can reach what they want, that’s all! and they very much appreciate you.    

Meaning of this quotes of life

It means that no matters how hard or easy you are pushing yourself; people don’t care. They just want to see your results only.  For instance, students can use many ways to get a top grade in class. Besides trying to study since the beginning of the academic year, they can buy the answers from teacher before exam, if possible or they can cheat in the exam etc. At the end of the day, as long as people admire the top students by seeing only the scores they gets regardless the method to gain that top marks.

What can we do to get the best result?

We have to be CREATIVE to get the best result out of the very least efforts. Like in this picture, the torture uses the wheel skateboard to compete with the rabbits and incredibly win the rabbit. Moreover, we have to practice more and more and learn from the mistakes. Don’t forget to make self-improvement overtime. At the same time, learning from others ‘experiences is free of charge and it’s very important.

An interesting example: film making

In the movie making, people use many creative methods such as using effects in editing, employ various skills in video taking etc. to greatly reduce the expense and they still receive the same viewer satisfaction. Most of the sound in the movies such as those of the horse step, the thunderstorm, water flow … are created in the studio using the collision of various objects. The producers need not to go directly to record those sounds. And it much saves the production cost.


To sum up, this quotes of life is very valuable for everyone regardless they are an employee, a student or a businessman. They don’t need to follow the principles or old method reach the goal. They can use the new method to get that same result or sometimes their creative ideas produce the result much better than the old methods. So, everyone shall keep in mind that no one cares about your efforts, they just care about the result only. Hard working is important but smart working is even more important if it produce the same result. So, creative ideas play crucial role in this. Let’s plants the creative seeds in yourself and you will be surprised later!!

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