The frame in the same way

The frame in the same way
The frame in the same way

How safe are these shutters?

A common question from shutter customers is “How safe are these shutters?” “In the early days of shutters (especially small, cafe-style shutters), people often saw a small latch in front of the shutter panel, where they were connected together. Although popular, it was a fixed shutter Bad way. The breeze from the window can easily break the latch. The frame in the same way
This makes a substantial shutter panel and a different fixing method necessary.
The standard for Goodwood shutters is the use of magnets. These are not your ordinary magnets. Each magnet can hold up to 25 pounds and each shutter panel is held in place with at least two magnets. These magnets are placed on the hinge side of the shutter.

Magnet to close plantation shutters

Stop plate mounted on the back of the panel connected to the magnet
Sometimes, for special applications, particularly large shutter panels, or consumer preferences, ball capture will be used instead of magnets. Drill a cylindrical hole in the blind support (vertical portion) at the bottom and / or top of the panel. Then insert the ball pin into the hole and secure it in place with screws. A stop plate is fixed to the harvester table and sill of the frame or customer side pillar. The amount of force required to open and close the shutter can be adjusted by adjusting the ball to make it deeper in the panel to open the shutter more easily, or adjusting the ball to make it higher in the panel to obtain greater resistance .

After years of liking dark

rich wood products, we have asked several times to help homeowners “light up” a room with plantation shutters.
Given the size of the investment when buying plantation shutters, homeowners are often worried that they will regret it in the future.
My professional opening remarks on this matter may vary from room to room, but I will say with confidence that this can be done-and it is very tasteful.

There are two ways:

Cover the window frame with a new shutter and window frame, which eliminates any direct contrast between the dark window frame and the painted shutter. The housing remains in place, so if the shutters fail, the original mill work design is still in place (although there are several screw holes that need to be repaired).
Make the transition obvious and purposeful. It is best when choosing the color of paint shutters to complement the existing decoration. For example, if you have a rich, warm dark brown trim-choose a paint color with a complementary base color, such as a nice cream color, rather than a naked, pure white. Then you will find the blinds as if they were part of the design plan from the beginning. Of course, because of our custom color matching at Goodwood Plantation shutters, your choice is limited to your imagination.
Plantation window

How did we get to the blinds, can we do other window treatments?

We can choose to order a shutter with cutouts on both sides so that it can be installed around the lower part of the decoration, or it can be above the panel The correct width. Most other hard treatments must have a narrow width between the panels, which can be ugly when lowered. Not to mention the arched part of the window. This will have a lot of restrictions to fit the owner of the finished product will order a custom product, but not a very custom look finish.
The curtains look beautiful here, maybe on a badge, but because office lighting control is a problem, it is still not the most practical option.
So get back to health! The customer chose a decorative z-frame, which we call CZ. The frame of the CZ is gorgeous, but the face side panels must be modified and partly packed into the window.

The frame in the same way

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