Top 1 Life quotes: family must help each other to succeed

Top 1 Life quotes: family must help each other to succeed
Top 1 Life quotes: family must help each other to succeed
Top 1 Life quotes: family must help each other to succeed

Top 1 Life quotes: family must help each other to succeed

“Certaines familles n’ons pas encore compris qu’ils faut s’entraider pour réussir” is a French proverb literally translated into English as some families have not yet understood that they must help each other to succeed. It’s a beautiful phrase for any family to practice for happiness and prosperity of all member.

What is this life quotes picture talking about?

Picture Description

In the picture, there are two families or groups under a tree. They are trying to get the fruit. Each group has 3 people. The left group disperse under the tree looking for the fruit without hope. They can’t get the fruit at the high height even they extend all of their hands. While in the right side of the picture, we can see the other family with the same number of people brilliantly climb on each other until they can get the fruit successfully. The left group even can’t learn from the right group’s method to succeed. They can just only look at the fruit hungrily while the second one just enjoys harvesting. So much pity them!

Picture Meaning

This picture implies that in order to be success each member must help each other with the right method like the right group. The left group may think that if they help each other, they have to share the achievement or the yield with among them and they may get lesser. However, when they decided not to corporate each other, they can not get even one fruit. Stupid thought!

What is this life quotes picture messaging us?

Implication for the real-world family

This does not only apply in harvesting the fruit, but it also can apply in every circumstance in family life in the society. I can say in every situation each family member has to try to understand and cleverly help each other in order to be successful in life. To do this, first they must know the value of solidarity, know clearly what they want and then they must try to find the best method to achieve the common goals. One more thing, they have to share the benefit equally in proportion to the sacrifice of the member. When the benefit is not share properly, the member will be resented and they can not do the jobs together later.

Benefits of this picture to the community, society and the world

Large scale solidary will even greater because it will keep the world peace and stability. not only in the family, we can use this life quotes in the companies, organizations, community and society as well. When people can settle the differences, set the common goal and try very hard with the right method together to get things done, harmony and peace will inevitably happen. That’s why countries in the world are trying to promote cooperation by creating the trade block, military alliance, sending assistance to help others in case of disasters etc. Especially, the United Nations today, which is the useful organization to maintain peace and stability for the world nearly 1 decade, is the result of this though.


To sum up, this french life quotes is meaningful and importance for everyone. People should fully understand the importance of helping each other in a happy and prosperous family and society. And then they should try to do everything to keep the cooperation alive to enjoy the benefits longer. And also, please remember that together we will live happily for sure, and alone we may die or live unhappily. Parents should be the role model for the children and teach them to cooperate with each other for the common goal. The government should play the key role in promoting the solidarity in society as well.   

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